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I've decided to unlock all my fics except the ones i have failed to finish... ^^ that means you guys don't have to friend me anymore and all those on my f-list who's after the fics can unfriend me... ^^ (my f-page is too cluttered for my liking)..
for those who want to be friended still, i add back whoever adds me but it'll be nice if you drop a comment here about yourself too.. ^^

LIST LAST UPDATED:  December 12, 2010

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One of the very rare, skippable rant posts ever in this journal

Wow. It's been a long time. Like really, really, really loooooooooooooong time. As always, my excuse ----> RL. This summer is not an exception either. It's my busiest summer vacation in the history of summer vacations. Anyways, I'm just making this post like a heads up that from August 17 I'm going to be way under the radar (more than I am/was) until who knows when. Well, that's if everything goes well for me. I'm gonna be joining the U.S. Air Force then so I'm pretty close to crapping my pants because I'm not ready yet. Not even close. I'm just praying I pass the training. TTT_____TTT

But hopefully, I could post one (last???) fic before that date. (yes, jaeminftw , that one.) If I can't finish it within the next two week, then probably a month from now. hehe. My family's going to the Bahamas. (WOOOOOOOT!)

Oh so that's it you guys. You know, I love you all (even if i'm not always lj active). 

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zero to naked in 1.5 bottles.

zero to naked in 1.5 bottles
smut. just plain ole smut.
oneshot, around 600 w
a/n: sequel to this but could work alone. first fic in months and it gets to be smut. i SUCK at smut. /hides forever

Happy in the club with a bottle of red wine
Stars in our eyes ‘cuz we’re having a good time

So happy I could die
Be your best friend
Yeah I’ll love you forever
Up in the clouds
We’ll be higher than ever

- So Happy I Could Die, Lady Gaga

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so much compiled graphics... ^^

i've got too much wallpapers for one laptop and too much headers for one LJ so I decided to share.. ^^


[5] 2PM - Wooyoung, Jaebeom, Taecyeon, Junho, & Chansung (same base just different members)
[3] Heechul (Variations of one pic)

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[1] F.T Island - Jonghun & Hongki
[3] Heechul
[2] Yoochun (1 with a blurred Jaejoong lulz)

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if you guys want a Junsu and Khun version of the 2pm wallie, i could make it for you but you have to give me a link to the HQ pic of that shoot like this one -> here

itunes meme jaechun ver.

itunes meme.. i've done this before and i'm doing it again but soulmates ver this time... ^^ i just need sth to distract myself from this whole ordeal about the lawsuits... it's making my head spin too fast and i wanna puke.. i apologize for the lack of sense in them since i wasn't given much time which is the point of the whole thing anyways.. ^^

open itunes, put it on shuffle, write in the time frame of the songs, do ten, ah you know the drill...

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